Friday, August 20, 2010

Ze Cartouche'....

This was a commissioned piece.  Every surface in the clients house was silver and gold, and she had purchased this to go over the flat-screen TV that was framed in trim in her bedroom.  When I picked up the cartouche, it was just primed white fiberglass.  Wish I had before pictures.

The decorator suggested a simple gold-leaf, but I saw so much more potential, especially considering the design sense of the client.  So the client gave me free-reign to do with it what I wished.  Love that!

I started by gold-leafing the cartouche, then added a raw umber glaze.

Then I hit all the high points with silver.

As much as the decorator fought it, I had to silver-leaf the center....

Which then also needed some antiquing...

I knocked down the silver to dull it out a bit and sprayed a few clear coats.

And viola!!

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