Monday, February 7, 2011

Algenol Bio-Fuels Research Facility - Cyber Cafe

Finally!  Getting back to doing some posting!

After the massive 120 linear foot (1300sf) venetian plaster wall, Algenol asked me to come back to warm up and modernize their cyber cafe.  We opted to do the majority of the space in the same teal that went on the original wall, and added a white band to modernize it.  

Taped and primed.

We didn't want to do all of the walls in the space because they were having an issue with the room getting way too dark through out the day.  So the main wall with the least obstructions and the back wall to ground the room were chosen.

Two coats of teal plaster.  Getting ready to tape off for the band of white.

I taped off the section inside the band so that I could apply the final coat of teal plaster above and below, burnish it and seal it before dealing with the white so as to lesson the possibility of the teal bleeding into the white.  Once the white was dry, I sanded it with the finest paper available so I could pull some of the teal through.  Finished the white with a coat of wax and finite!

The white didn't photograph as well as I would have liked, so here are some close-ups for you.  

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