Monday, February 7, 2011

You shouldn't neglect your ceiling.

I am a firm believer that when the rest of the room has been touched, the ceiling should follow (actually, it should come first, but you get the idea).  Whether you paint the ceiling, install large crown, or add a medallion (preferably painted, of course!), or all three combined, almost anything is better than a bright white ceiling.  Unless you have a bright white modern home.

Surprisingly, I witnessed my fave color combination on HGTV.  The house was built in the early 1900's, and the room had really high ceilings.  Walls were painted a beautiful cold light grey, thick (12 inches or so) highly decorative crown moulding was installed, and the ceiling was painted a really soft lemony yellow.  The colors, while being extremely modern, worked so well with the architecture of the house.  The room was light and airy, and the soft lemon yellow added warmth to what could have easily been a really cold room.

If you have a chandelier or ceiling fan medallions are a great option, especially if the fixture has a small base.  Medallions ground the fixture by giving it substance (necessary when the fixture itself is large but the base is small).  It also breaks up the monotony of the ceiling.  Lots of home decor stores sell pre-finished medallions... a great option if you can find one that works.  Usually you can alter these to suit your needs (as I did with the massive cupid medallion).  Home Depot and Lowe's sell white primed foam medallions in a variety of different sizes and styles.  Yes, you can install them as-is, but why not have fun with it!

Secret recipe.  :-)

Fauxed to match fan blades.

Variation of the secret recipe.

And of course, the massive cupid medallion that was altered.

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