Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Play On Sage...

Until I get a chance to shoot the other rooms, here's a little taste of how a simple color change (or three) can turn a house into a home.  Shades of green covering what was once developer peachy-tan.

The Parlor...

Designers Guild Velvet Non-Woven Wallpaper 
Florimund Collection, Pattern Bergamasque 
Mocha Damask Over Robins Egg Blue 

Completed with an adorable vintage chair and table, and the cutest little multi-media piece (pencil and acrylic) created by a local Denver artist.  

Unfortunately, it's really difficult to get any decent pictures of a stairwell as deep and tall as this was, but the paper was hung so that the pattern matched when you were standing in a certain point in the parlor.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Antique Console

I love when pieces I work on come with a story.  The story behind this console is that it once belonged to my clients great-aunt, and when he was a child she would hide little pieces of candy and other goodies in one of the drawers because she knew he would always look there.  While this is a beautiful antique, the sentimental value of it is, at least to me, irreplaceable.  Knowing that it meant so much to the client made it all that much more enjoyable for me to work on.

As with most tables with wings, this one was constantly in the down position.  Aside from the circular gouge on the one edge, they were in pretty good shape.  But that poor center had some pretty serious wear and tear, water damage, scrapes, and was really dried out.  We didn't want to strip the table because we wanted to keep as much integrity of the original finish as possible, so I went forward with the steps that come after stripping when doing a full restoration.  

Here you can see how dull and dried out the finish was.  And yes, that's the goodie drawer.  :-)

After adding some color, the water damage that previously couldn't be seen in the old finish popped up.

Finished Product

Monday, April 11, 2011

Shanahan's... How I missed thee...

After being away from Denver since August 2009, I finally had a chance to stop by Shanahan's at the Design Center.  They were giving a presentation for the new Osborne & Little, Lorca, and Designer's Guild textile and paper lines.  I can not tell you how giddy I was seeing everything they're coming out with!  I haven't hung paper the entire time I've been in Florida, and can not wait to find the right clients for these!  One even had the most adorable papers for kids... some gender specific, others catering to expression and learning.  Childrens rooms usually aren't my thing, but these were seriously inspiring.  As one person said (surprisingly, not me), they *almost* made you want to start having children!

After the presentation, I took some time to see everything else that's come out since I left.  Really impressed with some new hand-painted paper lines that allow custom orders.  I've been dealing with ValHallan for a while, which I absolutely love, but a girl can never have too many options!

BTW, Shanahan's has moved their location in the Design Center.  They now have a snazzy new spot on the west side of the building.  And an open house is in the works for those of you interested in checking it out.  I'll definitely be there!