Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hub Tattoo - Industrial Chic

1200 East 11th Street
Suite 104
Austin TX 78702

The Exterior... Ultra-Modern

Before... Ultra-Modern and stark white.  Oh, the possibilities!

Laying on the texture.  These walls definitely needed it.

So many people came to lend their time and energy to this project!

Some of them really got into it!

Michael Norris, Owner of Hub Tattoo, taking a hands on approach.

Laying color on the walls.

Not exactly the most organized site, but it worked!

That's not a real cigarette.

Cutting in.

Mike, the owner, happy about the process!

So glad he got to have a hand in creating his new space!

Really getting into it.

Caught tripping over my pants... again...

One wall complete!

Finishing touches on the support beams.

Smiles everywhere!

The two exterior walls complete... Parchment finish.  And these walls are everything-but-Sharpie-proof!

We went MUCH more funky with the "island".  Industrial style.

That's some serious hardcore glazing.  Again, everything-but-Sharpie-proof.