Sunday, June 1, 2014

A well-overdue update!

Well it's been a hot minute!!

Lots of craziness has been going on since I last posted.  So much new construction was going on in Denver... and people were (and are still) crazy about buying all the new properties, which halted work on older homes.  Since I had some time on my hands, I decided to go back to school!  I started working on an engineering degree, but in the process became obsessed with business law.  So I switched my degree to Economics because it was the only degree that accepted most of my business/law/econ and higher math credits, and just completed my AA this past semester.  I was thinking that I would possibly change careers to a much more recession-proof industry (honestly, it's the logical thing to do), but after so many conversations with important people in my life, I concluded that the reality is that my true passion is old homes.  The history behind them, the stories they could tell, the brilliance of the architecture and quality of construction... The idea that I have the opportunity to be a part of that structure's story, being a part of bringing it back to life, makes me a happy girl.

So I've started a new endeavor.  Since 1999, people have been hiring me to work on their homes, both new and old, from structural to finishing.  I was initially planning on purchasing a home for myself to live in while continuing with my bachelor's, that I could work on over the years when both time and brain capacity permitted, and that I would ultimately sell once I completed the degree.  But I quickly realized that the sort of home that I was looking for just wasn't available in Denver any longer, as character houses are either sky-rocketing in price or being torn down for all the new construction, and I cannot justify spending over 100K on 600sf, so I moved my online search out of state.  And I was astounded with what was available!

Since the day after my last class I've been on the road, driving around to different cities that have houses that fit the criteria of what I'm looking for: A once grandiose structure built some time before 1930 (preferably in the 1800's) that is in need of some major time, energy, and funds (and health insurance!) to bring it back to its original state.  And some of what I found was incredible.  More posts to come.

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