Saturday, June 7, 2014

Expectation vs Reality

My family believes that you must pay attention to the signs, and when multiple things just refuse to go the way you hoped, you need to sit back and truly analyze what is going on.  Atlanta was a location that I really wanted to be in, for a few reasons: Closer proximity to my family, back on the east coast where there is a much greater sense of urgency and a ridiculous amount of humidity (yes, I genuinely thrive on humidity!), there was a decent amount of houses that suited my parameters within a price-range that I was happy with, and the happenings of the city -from both economic and social standpoints- fit what I was looking for.

But no matter what I did, I just couldn't make Atlanta happen. I flew in a few times to stay with mom and planned a month-long stay once I finished my last semester.  But the only time I ever got to look at houses with a realtor was that one instance where I got to see the house I had bid on site-unseen, and that experience lacked an incredible amount of professionalism.  I had spoken to numerous realtors while still in Denver, set up appointments, let them know of my time constraints, and every time I actually got into Atlanta..... I got the ignore.

During my last stay in Atlanta, I finally managed to get a hold of the realtor I had spoken to, sent links to, and established a time frame in which we would look at houses, but that had ignored me once I got into town.  After waiting for well over a week for a response, I finally received this.  And I quote:
"I checked on the homes you listed in the previous email. Some of these properties are not paying enough commission to make it worth my time. Please call me and we can discuss your strategy and my minimum commission."

I was shocked.  And beyond insulted.  I completely understood that some of the houses that were on the list were incredibly low-priced (one was 15K).  But when I send agents links, I send from lowest to highest price, and my budget is a pretty broad range.  I also discussed my budget in-depth with him, explained why I was looking at the particular houses that I was, and what I was hoping to accomplish.  When looking for a character house that needs major renovations to get it back up to the beauty it once was, sometimes the house that fits the bill is going to have a ridiculously low price-point and commission, and I had no problem paying an additional commission out of my own pocket.  But not to someone who was so tact-less that they thought the above response was appropriate.

So, I had a heart-to-heart with mom.  And we both concluded that something was trying to tell me that Atlanta just wasn't the place for me.  At least not at the moment.   I was disappointed, but I know that you just can't force something that isn't supposed to happen.  If you do, nothing good will come of it.  So, I let go of the thought of Atlanta and concentrated on houses in other areas that would still allow for a relatively easy drive to mom's and that still fit the economic and social points that I was looking for.  And I finally found a realtor that "got it".

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