Thursday, November 6, 2014

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark...

So much has been happening over the past couple months... Some good, some bad, some downright ugly, and much comedy. It's been a bit overwhelming renovating two houses at the same time being one single little person, so this blog is suffering for it. My apologies! But know that I will be giving some massive updates over the months to come. Until then, I wanted to leave you with the major exterior transformation of one of the houses, specifically the one that I will be living in one day.

The Before Photo... with the putrid mint green.
My taste definitely veers towards the darker side, and I have quite the fondness for greys. Once I saw this house in person and realized what I thought was yellow brick was actually brick painted tan, I truly thought that I was going to paint the brick a soft grey. But a neighbor right across the street had used a similar color as his main color, and I just didn't want to match it. So I got some samples. All were various shades of grey, which, after perusing Pinterest all too often, were much darker than I had anticipated. But the one I fell in love with was a deep dark navy blue. Still not sure why that was the color that hooked me, since I'm just not a navy person.

I sent the sample photos (which were definitely not accurate representations, but they gave an idea) to and called Mom and a few of my more artsy friends to get their opinions... since my staring at the choices in person was laving me open for comments such as "You realize you're crazy, right?!" from the painters. Only one person was as convinced as I was about this almost black paint. But I went with it anyway...

More green, more blue, more black, more olive... Greys.
When I drove up after the body was done, the next question was what was I going to cover that horrific green with (in case you haven't noticed, I really dislike all shades of mint green). I'm accustomed to this style of house having three different colors (when the brick has been painted)... the body/brick color, the trim color, and the accent (where the green is). And I'm accustomed to the accent color being darker than the body. But in this case, the only choice that left me with was black. Which would have been beautiful, especially with the bone color I chose for the trim, but I really didn't want to scare off the neighbors. I found a dark burgundy that would have also worked, but I felt that it may have made this house look too feminine... and possibly made me look like a patriot that fell down the rabbit hole. I also chose a teal that was lovely, but looked too similar to the body color. So I went against everything that I'm accustomed to and used the body color as the accent. And I couldn't be happier with the result.

Excuse the bag... It was yard day.