Sunday, November 23, 2014

TP Saves the Day!!

I am THE QUEEN of losing things. Especially things that I use often, and more especially things that I just had in my hands. On a side note, I have actually lost things that had just been in my hand, and I was neglecting to acknowledge that said thing was *still* in my hand.  Today I needed the skinny-ended attachment for the vacuum that allows you to suck things up in the corners and crevices, and I knew that I had *just* seen it yesterday over in the corner in that other room. So I go to the corner of that other room, and find every single other attachment... just not the skinny one.

I attempted to use the brush attachment. It worked. Kinda. But not really.

So while looking all over the rest of the house for this oh-so-important attachment, I tried to think of what else I could do... besides run to my truck in the freezing rain and make yet another stop at Home Depot. Who all know me by name now, so I'm trying to make less of an appearance there.

When I checked the bathroom, my eyes landed on the freshly empty toilet paper roll. And since I'm all about "reduce, re-use, recycle", I figured it was worth a shot. I was hoping that one end of one thing would be bigger than the other (the end of the paper roll vs the end of the vacuum hose), but that wasn't the case. They were exactly the same diameter. So I busted out the widest painters tape on hand and wrapped those two ends together. Crossed my fingers, and turned on the vacuum....

And nope. Not working. The roll was way too long and the open end sucked itself together immediately. So I cut more than half of the length off. Turned the vacuum on again. And again, it sucked itself shut.

Since I really didn't want to make the trip to Home Depot for this single $3.00 item, I was now on a mission to make this thing work. I figured I would somehow have to either separate the opening without whatever it was getting sucked into the vacuum (impossible with what I had on hand), or that I had to reinforce the walls of the opening. Since the painters tape was right there, I tore off two pretty long pieces for each side, and taped then from way inside the tube to way outside the tube. I truly had no faith that this flimsy tape was going to actually reinforce the paper tube well enough that I could vacuum twenty linear feet...

But it worked!! YES!! No trip to Home Depot!! And what makes this all the more better is that I am free to lose this make-shift skinny edged sucker attachment because there will always be an abundance of rolls on hand. Well, not an abundance, but at least one. :-)

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